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RiverTrak is a dynamic, real-time floodplain mapping system and emergency management tool. Our unique process rapidly produces maps in real-time, flood maps, and a library of scenario maps. These maps provide a high resolution visual of floods of the past, floods and conditions happening in the present, and floods that may occur in the future. RiverTrak is operational, scalable, and flexible for emergency managers who need a practical tool for floodplain mapping and emergency management.

We provide an affordable, accurate, and real-time floodplain mapping system that puts the power of real-time response, early warning, planning, and situational awareness in the hands of the user.

Static maps can easily become outdated, and only show a statistical likelihood of risk, whereas our dynamic system is responsive to incoming data. Flexible scenario maps can visualize any degree of flooding from minor to extreme, and map based planning tools allow the creation of multiple flood forecasting scenarios. As a floodplain mapping and emergency management tool, RiverTrak allows users to visualize the extent of inundation before, during, and after an event; and quickly process and communicate information through their organizations as well as to the public. By centering our system around real-time inundation mapping, we prioritize the efficiency of time and resources required during a flood event, and the safety of both community and emergency responders. Flexible scenario floodplain mapping allows RiverTrak users to visualize and forecast any degree of flooding from very minor to extreme events, and build a corresponding response plan.

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The RiverTrak floodplain management system allows emergency managers to be prepared by providing near-term forecast maps for early warning.

RiverTrak provides a library of possible scenarios, and tools to create corresponding response plans, that can help aid in floodplain mitigation and emergency response.

The RiverTrak system provides situational awareness during a flood by showing depths and inundation extent with real time and forecast mapping.

RiverTrak's real-time flood inundation mapping system allows for an efficient and coordinated real-time response.


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